Executives’ training

“Management is at the core of any change.” Therefore, we help provide professional and personal growth to our clients based on our experience, MBA and executive education received from Harvard Business School in the following disciplines:

  • Transformation of a highly specialized professional into executive. Leadership. Integrity. Life values;
  • Management of corporations: Diagnostics and comparison with the best international practices. Strategy formulation and implementation. Motivation and compensation. KPI. Scoreboard. Business evaluation and potential & growth realization. Social networks;
  • Strategic IQ: Creating smarter corporations;
  • Making corporate boards more effective;
  • Risk management for corporate leaders. Board of directors’ job;
  • 3D negotiations. Mutual maximization of value added. Negotiation process. Business psychology. Creating trust. Improvisation;
  • Global energy development: Shale gas. Bio energy - India. Atomic energy. Alternative energy – Energiewende of Germany. Energy efficient technologies of the European Union and the world;
  • Private equity and venture capital. History and lessons from world companies.

Together with our clients, we analyze more than 200 cases of Fortune 500 companies. Among them are Bill Gates & Terrapower, Arthur Rock and Intel, Steven Jobs: Apple & Microsoft, Tomas Perkins & Genentek, Sergey Brin & Google, Sam Walton & WalMart, ВР, American Express, Capital One, Yahoo, Facebook, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Dow, Target, HP, Pepsi-cola, Toyota, Danaher & Kaizen, Zara, Li & Fung, K-Mart, Circuit City, CarMax, Schibsted, Procter & Gamble, Best Buy, Edward Jones, Gap, Inditex, Data Systems, Nissan in China, Pemex, Carbon Engineering, Bain Capital, Shell, Statoil, Gazprom, Exxon, Total, British Gas, etc.