Our experience

During last 23 years, AI INVESTMENTS has completed works on more than 157 different projects of the total projects cost of more than USD15,7 billion with clients from Russia, USA, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, UAE, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, Italy, Israel, Cyprus. Since 1994, we signed and fulfilled over 300 contracts. The company signed 9 contracts for 7,1 billion Rubles for Q2 2021.

Since its official registration in Moscow in 1998, the company has been working on projects with the following clients operating in the Russian Federation: ОАО "Komi ТEК"; Baltic Pipeline Consortium (BPC) with British Gas, Conoco, Fortum, Totalfinaelf, Transneft, Zarubezhneft, Yushar; ОАО "Gazprom"; ДООО "Gazflot"; ДООО "Mezhregiongaz"; Anglo-Russian energy efficiency JV "Moscow energy efficiency"; French oil company Elf Aquitane; Russian-Swiss export wood processing JV " Lands"; JV oil company" КоmiАrcticОil"; ОАО " Krasnoselkup Lespromkhoz"; State defence company "Oboronpromcomplex"; VEO Gammakhim; ОАО "Trubostal" in St.Petersburg; Italian Costa Levigatrici s.p.l.; Dalport city group; Siberian Business Union (CDS group); ОАО "Volzhsky pipe factory"; ОАО "Purneftegazgeology"; Ilim Pulp Enterprise; JV oil company "Sever ТEК"; Alliance drilling group of Integra companies; Administration of Komi Republic; Soilmec s.p.a.; ООО "Lesnoy Mir"; Administration of Purovsky region and Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrug; Mirland Development Corporation Plc; Spezstroi of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation; ENGLOBAL construction group as well as oil & gas corporations of Kazakhstan republic (ОАО Syrdariamunai and ООО Munaigazcomplekt) and Uzbekistan republic (ОАО Uzbekneftegaz and ОАО O'ztashkineftegaz).

Since we developed all our clients’ projects up to a highly prepared stage, the following Russian and foreign banks participated in financing these projects: Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-bank, Uralsib, MDM-bank, Roscredit, Moscommerzbank, Gazprom-bank, Uniastrum-bank, BNL, Intesa BCI, Banca Popolare del Emiglia Romania, BNP, Bank of Cyprus, as well as Russian oil & gas companies.