February 2, 2021 AI INVESTMENTS celebrated 23rd year of its operations in the Russian Federation. The management of the company would like to congratulate all colleagues with the birthday of the company and kindly thank all partners and clients for cooperation and mutual trust during all these years.

In 2013-2014 the top management of AI INVESTMENTS completed 7 executive education programs at Harvard Business School in Boston, MA in main professional disciplines - leadership, strategic growth and management of international corporations, corporate boards, corporate finance, global energy, negotiations, risk mitigation, innovation and macroeconomics.

Article «Our graduate continues executive education at Harvard Business School» in the journal «Almanac», Russian State University of oil & gas, №3, 2013-2014

During 2012-2013 the top management of AI INVESTMENTS worked as members of the board in 5 companies in Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrug for 25+ investment projects with total cost of over 90 billion Rubles. They completed a vast scope of work for the first time by these companies - received "B-" and "ruBBB-" ratings of Standard & Poor's outlook "stable", developed long-term strategy with A.T. Kearney, carried on consolidated group audit with Ernst & Young, received debt and increased equity charter, made 27 international tenders, signed 176 contracts, saved 16% of funds or 416 million Rubles in project costs, finished buildings and investment projects.

February 15, 2011 AI INVESTMENTS made a presentation to the Governor of Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrug in the city of Noyabrsk the feasibility study and financial model according to International Accounting Standards (IAS) of the Project to build a modern wood factory to produce glued lamelled houses according to the program to liquidate old houses, federal program "Affordable housing to Russian citizens" and local housing program of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrug. The total cost of the Project is preliminary estimated at EUR34 ml and consists of modernisation of harvesters, forwarders, timber trucks, fork lifts, saw mill, kiln dryers and production department to produce lamelled houses according to international standards ISO, DIN, SGS, FSC and requirements of Russian and international banks.

In June 2010 СDS group in Moscow received USD25.8 ml loan from ОАО "Uniastrum-bank" to refinance, at more attractive terms and conditions, current obligations from local banks.

May 18, 2010, AI INVESTMENTS' top management participated in conference to liquidate and utilize associated gas flaring at developing oil & gas fields in Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrug organised by the Governor of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrug, the Russian academy of sciences, the Institute of oil & gas problems, and top management of oil & gas companies operating in Yamal.

In 2010-2011, AI INVESTMENTS signed financial advisory contracts with 18 only construction companies to attract financing for projects in the cities of Moscow, Noviy Urengoy, Kiev and Moscow region, including projects to refinance construction of 1-3 stages of warehouse and refrigerator complex with logistics center of class A of total space of 100,000 m2; 2 trading malls of total space of 80,000 m2 and commercial real estate of 41,000 m2. The loan portfolio of such projects to refinance in 2010 stands at more than USD 540 ml.

Since all projects above were prepared by AI INVESTMENTS up to a high bankable stage, the following Russian banks participated in financing of these projects – Sberbank of Russia, VTB, Alfa-bank, Uralsib, MDM-bank, Rossiysky credit, MosCommerzBank, as well as foreign banks – BNL, Intesa BCI, Banca Popolare del Emiglia Romania, Bank of Cyprus and Russian oil & gas companies.

In December 2009, the Bank of Cyprus, a AAA- rated international bank disbursed USD30 ml to a group of Mirland Development Corporation Plc in Moscow and Cyprus to refinance internal loans of the Developer at more attractive terms and conditions (10 years at Libor+8% with 2 years grace period for the loan capital). The group's auditor is PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the asset appraiser is Cushman & Wakefield. The group issued IPO at AIM, London Stock exchange and Tel Aviv stock exchange in 2007. AI INVESTMENTS successfully provided financial advisory to the Group to receive the loan.

In January 2008 the Bank of Cyprus disbursed USD25 ml to Dalport group of companies in Saint Petersburg, approved by the credit committee of the Bank in October, 2007 with the purpose of refinancing, at more attractive terms & conditions (8 years duration at Libor+4% with 2 years as grace period for loan capital), existing debt obligations of the Company received from local banks in the Russian Federation.

In May 2007, the credit committee of ОАО «MDM-bank» made the positive decision to disburse USD25 ml to ZAO JV “Iras-M” to construct an apartment block of the total space of 17,000 m2 at Academika Anokhina Street in the west of Moscow. The total cost of the project is USD41 ml.

In March 2007, AI INVESTMENTS signed the management contract with a group of Russian and American investors in the field of M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) to consolidate oil & gas independent producers in Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrug, Komi Republic, Khanty-Mansiysk, Tyumen, Orenburg and Tomsk oblast, Krasnodar region into a united oil production company to provide loans for capital expenditures, manage assets and prepare for Initial Public Offering (IPO) on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and LSE (London Stock Exchange) in 2-3 years. The total cost of the project preliminary stands at USD500 ml.

In 2007, AI INVESTMENTS will continue mutual cooperation with Nicos Anastasiades & Partners, Merit Servus, and Deloitte & Touch in the Republic of Cyprus to provide legal and audit services to Russian companies in respect to International and English law.

During 2006, the company signed contracts to attract financing with 12 construction companies in Moscow and Moscow region including the following construction projects:
1. Apartment block of 17,000 м2 at Academician Pavlova Str., Kunzevo, ZAO Moscow. The total cost of the project is USD41 ml;
2. Hotel complex of 696 rooms in the area of Novogireevo, Moscow. Construction start is planned in 3rd quarter of 2007. Total cost of the project is preliminary estimated at USD40 ml;
3. Apartment block, 12, 19 и 23 floors of 30,409 м2 at 3, Grazhdanskaya Str., Moscow. All permission documents received from Moscow city authorities. Construction order is planned at 3rd quarter of 2007. The total cost of the project is preliminary estimated at RUR 767 ml;
4. Kvartal 66 Mozhaisky area consists of 3 apartment blocks of 23 floors each and 1 Tower of 43 floors, of total square of 176,000 м2;
5. Warehouse and logistic center for US company in Kurianovo area;
6. Apartment block, business class, total area of 67,800 м2 with under parking at 68, Kastanaevskaya Str., ZAO Kunzevo. All foundation works completed;
7. Warehouse and logistic center in Noginsk area of 20,000 м2. All permission documents received from Moscow city authorities. The total cost of the project is USD16 ml. Zero cycle is under way; and other projects.

In August 2006, AI INVESTMENTS signed financial advisory contract with an English public oil company to carry out due diligence, study alternatives and make evaluation to restructure an independent oil & gas producer and provide due diligence on potential energy companies to be acquired in in the Russian Federation.

In 2006, the company continued professional work to officially represent Drillmec S.p.A., an Italian oil equipment manufacturer and participate in tenders to provide offshore, land mobile drilling rigs and other drilling equipment to TNK-BP, Gazprom, Eurasia drilling company (former Lukoil burenie), Rosneft, Gazprom neft and other Russian oil & gas companies.

In March 2006, AI INVESTMENTS signed the contract for project management of prenatal medical center of total capacity of 150 rooms, 8,000 м2 on 2 hectares of land in Moscow oblast area. Since then, we completed marketing, architectural design, feasibility study, financial model according to IAS, medical equipment and potential suppliers list. The operator-company or special purpose vehicle (SPV) was created. The total cost of the project is USD15 ml.

In March, 2005 AI INVESTMENTS signed the contract with Algescom Limited, Cyprus to attract financing and implement construction of 2 factories producing safe flat, bent and hampered glass in Fryazino and Kimry, Moscow region with high technology and modern equipment from Glass robots and Tamglass, Finland; Bottero, Italy and Peter Lisec, Austria. The projects total cost estimated at 4-5 ml Euro each. The scope of project work also includes international equipment tenders and legal services.

The company is carrying out negotiations with a foreign oil company to attract financing for development of a group of oil fields in the West Siberia to increase its oil production up to 2018. The project total cost is 128 ml USD with structured finance and IPO/Private placement of 25 and 70 ml USD respectively.

In December, 2004 AI INVESTMENTS completed advisory project in M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) for a Russian company, a member of the IADC, USA since 1998. The work is under way to prepare the company for IPO on LSE (London Stock Exchange).

In October, 2004 the company signed the contract to attract equity/debt financing for construction of gas-processing chemical plant to produce methanol, polythene, caprolactam and chemical fertilizers with energy-technological and packaging-transportation complexes in the West Siberia of Russia. The project total cost is 140 ml USD. International financial institutions participate in the Project.

On June 26, 2004 AI INVESTMENTS signed the contract with OOO Export-les to attract debt financing to reconstruct 2 woodworking factories in Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk regions. The financial advisor is arranging debt financing by interbank agreements signed between Russian and Italian banks under structured finance program. The supplier of equipment is Costa Levigatrici s.p.a, Italy. The project total cost is 22 ml Euro.

In February, 2004 the company attracted loan from Impexbank to its client - Spezstroy OOO to construct 9 apartment houses at Arkhangelskoye, Moscow region. The other projects include three 19-story apartment houses in Anokhin Street; Krivoarbatsky lane and Golden City in Textilschiki, Moscow. The last includes three 22-story buildings with the total area of 62700 m2 and 466 underground parking spots. The projects’ total costs estimated by OAO Mosproject are USD 11, 7, 20 and 48 ml respectively.

Alliance drilling group of companies in Komi Republic prolonged the contract with AI Investments to continue works on 200 tons mobile drilling rig MR7000XS with hydraulic top drive produced by American-Italian company Soilmec-Branham according to American Petroleum Institute standards (API).

The works on the Project started with feasibility study development at the end of 2000. A part of the Project cost, approximately 9 ml Euro, was financed by Sberbank of Russia Коmi №8617 and the Italian bank Banca popalare dell'Emilia Romagna. In 2002, Alliance drilling group successfully completed the purchase, won the international tender and got contracted by a consortium of oil companies led by French Totalfinaelf to drill a cluster of wells in Khar'yaga oil field, the Nenets autonomous okrug.

AI INVESTMENTS continues working with Administration of Purovsky region, Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrug to purchase a reindeer slaughter complex of 150-180 hps production capacity. The preliminary total cost of the Project is (Ex Works) including custom duties and transportation cost. The company performed the closed tender between producers of such complexes in Finland, Germany, Italy and Canada. 30 December 2002, the administration of Purovsky region signed the memorandum of cooperation with the winner of the tender - Italian company Baroncini s.r.l.

1 November 2002, ОАО "Krasnoselkup Lespromkhoz", a wood-processing factory in Yamal-Nenets autonomous okrug incorporated since 1979, signed the contract with AI INVESTMENTS to prolong works on export-oriented wood processing project. The works started with feasibility study development of the Project at the end of 1999. A part of the Project cost, approximately USD7 ml, was financed by ОАО "Purneftegazgeology" in the form of equity and the loan was provided under the inter-banking agreement between International Moscow Bank (IMB), and an Italian bank Banca Nazionale del Lavoro.The top-notch equipment was produced by an Italian group of companies led by Costa Levigatrici and Costa Handling Equipments at the factories in Schio and Milan area, Italy.

In 2001, the wood-processing factory reached the planned production level and signed the export contract with an Italian company Pappalardo Legnami s.r.l. to supply glued beams and board made out of Siberian larch and spruce. Currently, the company also produces 3-layer windows and doors to local kindergarten, polyclinics and schools of Purovsky region in compliance with the standards of the European Union (EU).